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Zoologist Chris Humfrey lives with wildlife – Australia’s own Dr Dolittle

Aussie zoologist Chris Humfrey lives, sleeps and eats with wildlife, with 2,000 native creatures in his Macedon Ranges home. The animal expert is known as ‘Australia’s Doctor Dolittle’.

Drop by his home and you’ll likely find an elderly python in the bathtub, kangaroos in the lounge room and a precious breeding community of mountain pygmy possums thriving in the wine cellar.

Chris Humfrey

Read about Chris Humfrey in new interactive book

Now, for the first time, kids can inhabit the extraordinary world of ‘Australia’s Doctor Doolittle,’ with his brand-new interactive book, Chris Humfrey’s Awesome Australian Animals.

“It really was a dream come true to write my book, as it is a culmination of my thoughts, ideas and skill-set developed over a 27 year period working in the education sector and with wildlife as a zoologist. My mission was to write an easy to read, fun and engaging book suitable for kids of all ages,” explains Chris. 

He believes kids are the key to saving Australia’s precious wildlife, and through his book, he aims to empower a young army of animal allies to change the future.

Chris Humfrey5 1

Learn about Australia’s unique biosphere

“In a fun and playful way, I set-out to instil a passion, wonderment and love for protecting animals with children. After all, if we understand and empathise with Nature, we are more likely to be ‘Champions for Conservation’.  Protecting biodiversity, and the natural world which we live in, is vital for people’s health too.”

For Chris, Australia has the most unusual, unique and diverse biosphere in the world. 

“Native wildlife lives all around us, it’s just that most people don’t know where to look. Surprisingly, you don’t have to travel to Africa to see cool critters…..they live in many of Australia’s urban backyards and open spaces. The sad thing is the ‘wild’ is diminishing so much in Australia, that many native animals are forced to seek a living in many of Australia’s cities and towns……many animal’s desperately need our help!”

Chris Humfrey3 1

Chris Humfrey inspires others to care for wildlife

As more Australian animals are on the verge of extinction, educating, empowering and inspiring kids to care for wildlife is the drive and mission behind Chris’s passion.

“My recommendation for Mums, Dads and kids is to get out and about this weekend, and explore your local open spaces, go spotlighting for possums and owls, go for a Rockpool ramble at the beach, or even walk down to your local wetlands and look out for some critters. Love Where You LIVE, think local, and make positive changes as a family to help protect biodiversity. It’s heaps of fun too!”

Humfrey hopes that through sharing the magic and wonder of his favourite animals, he can inspire others to cherish Australia’s precious native animals as deeply as he does.

Chris Humfrey1 1

Chris’s top tips on how to protect wildlife

1) Be responsible pet owners. Ensure that your pet cat is enclosed day and night, so that your pet ‘moggie’ doesn’t eat our native wildlife. Also, walk your dog on a lead, as dogs love to chase our native creatures.

2) Pick up your pet dog’s poo, when you are going for a walk. ‘Pooch poo’ is a nasty pollutant in our wetlands and waterways. Pollution negatively impacts all aquatic life!

3) Create natural habitat for native creatures in your own back yard or school yard i.e. plant food trees, and ground cover to help native animals call your home….their home!

4) Get online, and purchase some native wildlife nest boxes, and put them up in your backyard or rural block. Animals of all species will LOVE you for it…….and it’s heaps of fun!

5) Drive slowly at dusk and dawn, this is when a large majority of native mammals are more active. Sadly, they can be struck by our cars!

6) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle of litter and waste. Oh…and don’t be dodgy and dump your rubbish or litter. Our litter and waste causes catastrophic damage to our environment.

Purchase Chris Humfrey’s book

Chris Humfrey’s Awesome Australian Animals is published by Reed New Holland, an imprint of New Holland Publishers. It’s available from all good book retailers or at New Holland New Holland Publishers  RRP $19.99.


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